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Pogba: I’m happy to be back at home

During his presentation with Juventus, the Frenchman said he had never met the coach before. He comes back and shouts, “I’m home!” with a lot of excitement.

Paul Pogba had wanted to go back to Juventus, the team that helped him be the best version of himself, for months or even years. It was well known, and he made it clear today during his presentation—during which the Frenchman was beaming, excited, and even joking—that he was telling the truth. The midfielder started by saying, “I’ve missed you.” He did say that he had other offers, but in the end, he signed with Turin because he wanted to “go back home.”



You say, “I don’t feel any pressure.” “For a long time, I lived here and was very happy. I feel confident.” We have a lot to offer. Even though I didn’t win anything last year, it was strange to see Juve not win anything. Still, we both want to win again.

Pogba on United and its fans

Pogba on Allegri, “I had a great conversation with him because we get along so well.” He was the right person to watch over my move back to Juve.

Pogba on United, “I don’t regret anything because I was able to grow up and become an adult there in Manchester. It hasn’t been easy for me to switch coaches every year, and I’ve also been hurt, but God wanted this, and I’m happy to be here now. If I had been praised more, things would be different.

Fans: “The fans were the thing that hurt me the most when I left. I will always remember them. They are also there in Manchester, but we talked to Evra about how Italian and British fans are different.

Even though I had other offers, including one from PSG, I want to do a lot better than I did before, that’s why i choose Juventus

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