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Havertz – The German had more shots in the box and big chances than any other Chelsea player last term

The scout holds a fall-back who can give the most successful Fantasy premier league campaign this season.

More to come from Havertz

The Germany international, Kai is yet to see his best form since he joined Chelsea in the 2020 summer. In his two campaigns, he made 10 assists and 12 goals. He made a total scale point of 112 in his earning career the last term. In Havertz final two Bundesliga seasons for Bayer Leverkusen, he made 29 goals and nine assists before his move to Stamford Bridge.



Havertz plays mainly in the center-forward. In this play, he made 49 shorts in the box and he had 18 big chances. The statistics report highlights Havertz influence on Chelsea’s attack in 2022/2022. His role for the Blues symbolizes a change in Fantasy position this season. He will be switching from a midfielder to a forward. Havertz’s big chances were surpassed by three fall back who are highlighted as forward in 2022/2023. He made an average minute of 230.8 per goal. Six other forwards were the only players that surpassed him with a minimum of six goals. Havertz is ready this season.

The Blues awaits what Kai has in stock for the team

Kai as a center-forward looks set for this season with Romelu Lukaku going back to Inter Milan on a loan basis. It was made known that Havertz can make a quick profit and stall a big impact in 2022/2023 Fantasy. He was scheduled by the Blues to make a big impact. In the 12 match openings, Thomas Tuchels face only two of last season’s top six teams.


Havertz seems to be ready to make a great impact on the blues. With high expectations from him, he was switched from mid-fielder to a forward. His number fare when assessed in contrast to each other forward the last term. Upon Havertz’s record, he is seen as the best on average. His best form is yet to be found by Chelsea in the summer of 2020. His primary aim is to make a big impact on the team.

Havertz face positioning was said to look set for him to continue as Chelsea’s center-forward this season. The blues schedule has paved a way for Havertz to make a big impact. The expectation of him is highly dominant. His previous performance record gave a sign to the people that he is the best for the season on average.


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