Bayern Munich Raise Robert Lewandowski’s Price Tag Again

The saga of Robert Lewandowski’s transfer is filled with unclear cuts each day.

He is determined to take down all bridges with the Bavarian giants before he leaves Bayern Munich. Barcelona is seen to have spent 70 million Euros to secure the services of the person attacking target Robert Lewandowski in the summer. Recent news holds that Barcelona will have to pay more than 50 million Euros to have Robert Lewandowski work with them. The Bundesliga champion is seen to be unreasonable as they put forth a stumbling block to deny Barcelona the opportunity to sign the polish International.

Robert Lewandowski


A brief look at Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is 33 years old and he is seen to have a record of 374 appearances. He made a brilliant goal record of 344 and he made an assist of 72. This record was counted when Robert Lewandowski was with Bayern Munich. He has it strong in his mind to leave the Allianz arena team so that he could reach his destination (Barcelona). Lewandowski was seen by the Catalan giants as their target for the summer transfer window as they continue to structure the team under Xavis’ watchful eye.

A great stance was made on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as a solid addition to the Barcelona team in the second half of 2021/2022. Xavi has no other skilled scorer in his team. It is important to sign in Lewandowski into Barcelona while projecting into the 2022/2023 season. At this point, they will have the enthusiasm of competing in the league. Bayern Munich knocks off Barcelona with three bids from Blaugrana making his signing unsuccessful.

Robert Lewandowski

The Catalan giants are ready to spend 50 million Euros to draw away Robert Lewandowski from the Allianz Arena. Upon the act of Bayern Munich, Barcelona and polish internationals will be left amazed. They are seen to demand 70 million Euros to part ways with their best striker.

A report holds that Barcelona is on the probability of responding to another price change. There are many chances that prove a high response rate for Barcelona. They are likely to succumb to the new demand because Raphiha from leads united will join them in the summer transfer window.

The transfer of Lewandowski now becomes almost impossible except if Barcelona succumbs to the new price placed on him. Lewandowski is seen to have lots of good traits with high professionalism as a striker. He is good at what he does. His transfer would have been easy if he is not professional enough. A clear cut of his story shows how good he is with a ball.


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