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Paris SG finds out the shocking truth about Zidane

Paris Saint-Germain was linked to Zinédine Zidane for a while, but he was not the one who replaced Mauricio Pochettino. The investigation shows the long-hidden truth.

Zinedine Zidane’s impressive lie

At the end of the previous season, there was a lot of talk about Zinédine Zidane’s possible return to Paris Saint-Germain as a coach. Still, nothing they said was true. Le Parisien said that this whole story might have been made up by the former Real Madrid coach’s followers to put pressure on the French Football Federation. The 50-year-old coach from Marseille tried to explain to Noel Le Grat that his only goal was to take over the position of Didier Deschamps as the french national coach, which had been severely weakened before. He did this by saying he didn’t want to join the capital club.



The French legend is the one who told people about his arrival, even though he knows he won’t be in Paris that summer. He makes up this story that isn’t true so that a weak first lesson can be learned, which is that Zidane turned down PSG in June 2022. The regional daily says that it’s important to let the Federation know that it will be impossible to keep Deschamps after the World Cup and that Zidane made a big “sacrifice” by rejecting PSG. This is very important if the Federation is to be convinced that it can’t keep backing Deschamps after the World Cup.

Zidane’s priority is replacing Deschamps

Le Parisien says that in the middle of June, Alain Migliaccio, Zidane’s advisor, was the first person to say that there was no deal with Paris Saint-Germain. This is the proof that the publication uses to back up its claims. “No one should believe any of the rumors that are going around. I am the only person who can speak for Zinedine Zidane and give him advice right now. This claim was made in the columns of the French newspaper L’Équipe . He said that neither he nor Zinédine Zidane had talked directly with the PSG owner.


Zidane kept a close eye on the situation from PSG because he “hates that he doesn’t control the France team file and fears that the position will be taken away from him a second time.” Zidane said about the France team that he doesn’t like not being in charge. Zidane was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get the Blues back after the World Cup in Qatar. So, they tried to hurry up the process of putting pressure on the federation to stop Deschamps’ contract from being renewed, no matter how the competition turned out. Zizou will pay close attention to the results of the World Cup, which is when everything should have been decided.

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