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Man United will spend 43M Euros on the shortest center-back in the premier league

Shortest man as a centre-back in the top flight of the premier league

Lisandro Matinez

It is outstanding to have Lisandro Martinez the shortest man in the premier league to excel as a centre-back. The lack of his stature gives a whole difficulty being noticed on the football field. It is incredible to see how extraordinary Lisandro Martinez was able to find his way to the premier league centre-back.


His skill was a predominant factor to save him the bid of 43m Euros from Manchester United still tons of questions flooded the air about his out. Interested people should note that Lisandro Matinez will be the shortest in the English premier league next season especially if he still listens to his manager Erik Ten Hag.

Martinez Lisandro to face football giants in the coming English league

Individuals are deeply concerned because of his height since he is going up against people way taller than he. A great discussion is set on the loose of his coping mechanism in the English premier league. Rio Ferdinand fears a six to eight inches opponent is way too much for Lisandro Martinez.

Lisandro Matinez

Ferdinand in one of his statements gave a clear note of the five strikers Marinez should be ready to face. Ferdinand knows it is a great odd for him to scale amidst his counterparts. Lisandro is too short for the role he was assigned. Regarding the top strikers, he is going to face set a goal ahead of him to be ready to face his worst fears.

Lisandro Matinez must be ready physically to face what is coming for him. A sequel shift gave the public fears of how he is going to make it alive of the premieres in the next season.

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