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Di Maria signs for Juventus in Serie A for more assistance

Angel Di Maria, has come to Italy to compete for titles to be the best assistant in Serie A and to defend the titles he has won in other top leagues.

Di Maria, a good assistant

The Argentine midfielder, who is 34 years old, is thought to be one of the best assistants in football history. He will play in Serie A. Di Maria was signed as the club’s first-ever free agent after his old contract ended. He went on to become the most successful assistant in PSG’s history.

Di Maria

He left Manchester United for the 2015–2016 season because he wasn’t able to reach his full potential there. He played for the company for seven years before becoming the best and top assistant at PSG last season, which was the high point of his career.


Angel Di Maria, on the other hand, has not only been great at giving out assists in the French league, but he has also always been a great assistant. In the 2013–2014 season, when Lionel Messi played in the Spanish league, he was the top assister in a season. During the same season that he stood out in the French league’s assist distribution, he also did this.

In addition to this award, he also got the same one from the French league. He has enjoyed his assists most while playing for these teams, but he has also done so while playing for Manchester United and Benfica (16 assists in three seasons) (11 assists in one season).

Di Maria

At 34, he is in great shape and has been a big part of PSG’s success. He is also an important part of the national team and scored the winning goal in the Copa América final. He is also a key player for PSG. He goes to Turin with all of this knowledge and a long list of assists to help a striker like Vlahovic, who has scored a lot of goals. He also plans to try to win the award for best assistant in Serie A this season. He has already won it in two of the top five leagues in the world.

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