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Bayern to beat Chelsea in the race for De Ligt with a 90 million euro offer

Gazzetta Dello Sport said that Bayern would start talks with a fixed offer of 75 million euros plus a bonus that could add up to 90 million euros

De Ligt

Bayern increases offer for De Ligt

Bayern Munich is ready to break their record for player transfers and also try to find a defensive player who can match the success they’ve had in the past. With the arrival of Matthijs De Ligt, this coming 22/23 season, which is about to start, could see a transfer Bayern that will go down in history. After getting Lucas Hernández from Atlético de Madrid for 80 million euros on 19/20, it was at its highest point.

Due to rumors that he might leave Juventus, the Dutch central defender has become the market leader, which was not expected. After making a name for himself as the captain and star of Ajax when he was under 20. But now that Chiellini has left, he should be getting his stripes, and he also wants to go.

De Ligt


Chelsea could lose the race for De Ligt

Chelsea was the one who first told him they wanted to sign him. After Rüdiger or Christensen left, the blue team needed more help on defense and thought about getting De Ligt. All of the trades that the blue team tried to make with Juventus were turned down. Bayern did something because it could be possible one of their center-back might leave the team soon.

Bayern is currently in the lead to signing the defender, and they plan to make an offer that the Turin team won’t be able to refuse. These facts come from the newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport. This source says that Bayern Munich has already offered the central defender 75 million euros plus a bonus. Because of these “extras,” they say, the transfer fee would go up to 90 million euros, which is the most that could be paid for a player to join the German team.

De Ligt

Juventus might decide to turn down this offer until they find another source of guarantees and come up with a plan to stop De Ligt from going to Germany. They say that if he decides to stay with them, the club will talk to him about the situation and might extend his contract until 2024.

He won’t leave Juventus just because he doesn’t play or get enough attention. The center back has played in all 42 of his team’s games this season and has 3,691 minutes of playing time. This makes him one of Allegri’s most important players.

De Ligt could be better at Bayern Munich

Matthijs De Ligt will get better as he plays for Bayern Munich, but his level won’t “shoot up” overall. Even though the system change and Bayern’s general dominance of games would make De Ligt less useful in the attack, he would still play defense at the same level. His role in the core of the game would definitely grow, and he would add a lot more information to the design of the game as a whole.

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