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Frenkie’s Barca exit is sure but the next target between Manchester United and Chelsea is unknown

No matter if Bernardo Silva shows up or not, the club and agents have given the go-ahead for the Dutchman Frenkie de jong to be sold. The most important thing is to find out if he will sign with Manchester United or Chelsea.

Frenkie de Jong

It has been decided that Frenkie de Jong will be put up for sale

Even though Joan Laporta said otherwise, everyone knows that the club is working hard to sell the Dutch midfielder to the team that will pay the most for him. So much so that, the Dutch international would leave regardless of whether or not City’s Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva could be brought in.


In reality, there is some doubt in the club about how likely it is that they will sign Manchester’s star player. This is because they know that the English entity can get out of being responsible by requesting a ridiculous amount of money, close to 100 million euros. But because everyone at Barca takes him for granted, Frenkie would be leaving.

Not only does he have one of Barcelona’s best markets for their players, but there are also signs that the player won’t agree to take a big pay cut in order to follow the “fair play” rule. When all of these things are taken into account, along with the fact that the technicians have given their go-ahead to a possible exit, a very clear picture emerges for the Dutch international.

Where would Frenkie de Jong go

The most important thing to think about right now is whether United or Chelsea will dip their toes in the water first. The “blues” offer has the support of Barcelona’s leaders because it would allow Marcos Alonso to leave. The technical secretariat wants Alonso to compete with Jordi Alba for the left-wing spot. Representatives from Chelsea and Barcelona met on the same Thursday to talk about how to end this operation in a way that works.

Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong can’t spend the rest of his life in Barcelona, which is now very clear. Even though it is a good way for the club to make money, the coaches don’t see him as a key part of the team. Instead, they focus on other players and positions. So much so that the technicians would let the player leave the field whether or not Bernardo Silva was there. Sergio Busquets, Pedri, Gavi, Kessie, Nico, Sergi Roberto, and Pablo Torre are just some of the players who are thought to have the skills and numbers to cover all midfield positions.

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