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Chelsea player Mason Mount did a crazy body transformation like Leon

The Bayern midfielder saw an opportunity to improve his appearance in 2020 and took it. This summer, the Chelsea player has done the same things as his predecessor.


Mount transforms as Leon Goretzka did in 2020

In 2020, when the competition was stopped because of a pandemic, Bayern Munich player Leon Goretzka took the chance to shock the world with a dramatic change in his body. The Bayern midfielder improved his muscle mass, strength, power, and overall performance by sticking to a strict diet and doing strength training with weights and bars. This past summer, an Englishman named Mason Mount did what he did.


During the summer break, the Chelsea midfielder worked on getting stronger. People are talking about him on social media because he looks very different from how he did at the end of the last season. Even though Mount just got back from vacation, the football player he was before is nothing like the person he is now.


Mount, who is 23 years old, knows how important the physical side of football is in today’s game, especially for his position. So, he made good use of the summer to work on improving that part of his game. The change has made a huge difference.

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