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Neymar agrees to leave PSG after Al Khelaifi’s words

RMC sports says that after hearing what Al Khelaifi had to say, the Brazilian would agree to leave Paris, even though it would be hard to find a club for him to go to.Neymar agrees to leave PSG

Neymar agrees to leave PSG

Neymar Jr. looks like he will do better outside of Paris than in it. According to RMC Sport, the Brazilian is thinking about leaving PSG because the club gave him the option to leave and because its president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, said in Le Parisien that he wanted players who were fully committed to the club.

It makes it much harder for the midfielder to leave because of his contract and his high salary, which very few clubs in Europe can afford to pay. The forward joined the team in 2017 as a global star, but his fame has been fading over the years. His contract has a clause that says it can be renewed until 2027 if both sides agree.


RMC Sport says that many clubs around the world, especially in England, are keeping a close eye on what’s going on with Neymar. One of them is Chelsea, which is led by Thomas Tuchel, the same coach who was in charge of the team when former Barcelona player Naymer had his best years in Paris. Manchester United is also interested in signing Naymer if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the team. Thanks to Saudi Arabian investment, Newcastle is in a position to pay for such a move if Naymer leaves PSG.

After taking offense to what Al-Khelafi said in Le Parisien, Neymar is taking some time to think about whether or not he should keep playing for Paris Saint-Germain. The Parisians have been thinking again about how they thought of Naymer as an untouchable player, now he’s no more untouchable. So, they have put all of their efforts into making Mbappé the clear leader of the project. The next few weeks will be the most important ones for figuring out whether or not Neymar will leave Paris.

Neymar agrees to leave PSG

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