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Al Khelaifi: “We never spoke to Zidane, he won’t be PSG’s coach”

During an interview with ‘Le Parisien,’ Al Khelaifi, the president of PSG, said that Zinedine Zidane will not be joining PSG’s coaching staff.

During the interview with “Le Parisien,” Nasser Al Khelafi, the president of the Paris Saint-Germain football club, said that Zinedine Zidane will not be the team’s next coach. In fact, the President has said that he has never talked to the coach of Marseille, even though there have been rumors that the two sides have been in talks.


About Zinedine Zidane’s transfer to Paris Saint-German

Zidane’s rumored message to PSG could be summed up as “I love Zidane. He was a great player and had a lot of class.” He was also a great manager. During his time in charge, his teams won the Champions League three times. But I will tell you one thing: I have never talked to him directly or indirectly. A lot of clubs and even some national teams are thinking about signing him, but we have never talked to him. When I say “we,” I am talking about the PSG. Even though I am the president of PSG, I have never talked to him about anything.


His role in Mbappe’s rejection of Madrid and continuation at PSG

“I don’t like to talk about myself,” he said when asked about his role in Mbappé’s contract renewal. Still, over the past five years, Kylian and his family and I have become close in a special way. He is lucky to have a great family. During our first six meetings with him and his parents, who were in Monaco at the time, they never once talked about money with me.

In fact, they never even brought it up. Because of this, I have a lot of respect for them, and I’m glad he got a good education. This year, there was a lot of talk, but the money didn’t come until the last few weeks of the year.

Mbappe Madrid Transfer

Some people think he stayed at Paris because of the money, but Real had a lot more to offer him than we did! Last year, they said they were ready to pay 170 million euros. This year, when his contract with us expires they were willing to put that money into signing him!”

When asked if Mbappé has asked for a new player or coach, he said, “You have to stop saying that.” I want to make something very clear: I am the president, and I decide what to do. And most importantly, Kylian has never asked anything about any other player or coach. I promise you “.

Did Al Khelaïfi really contact Zinedine Zidane?

“We have chosen another option,” he said when asked if it was possible he had never talked to Zidane. We’ve decided on a coach who will be the best at coaching the team the way we want. I won’t put different fitness instructors in order here. I know what all of our responsibilities are. You haven’t been told everything there is to know about the club.


Fans are said to be “disappointed” that Galtier and Zidane didn’t show up: “The difference between dreams and reality is night and day. Maybe we should think about changing our slogan… Big dreams are good, but we have to keep our expectations in check in this day and age. We don’t want as many luxuries as we used to, but we still want our lives to be full of sparkle. In the past eleven years, we’ve done a lot, but every year we have to ask ourselves how we can get even better and how we can make what we’ve already done even better.

Paris FC has started using a new plan to get players. The plan says, “We want players who love the club, love to fight, and love to win.” And we want every single member of the club to think the same way.

Neymar’s future at PSG

What I can say is that we expect all of the players to do a lot more than they did last season. No matter if Neymar is on the new PSG or not, this is still true. a great deal more Everyone needs to be doing as much as they can. It was clear that we didn’t have the skills to get very far. The goal of the next campaign is very clear: to work a full day every single day.


Let’s give this shirt everything we’ve got, our best effort, and then we’ll see what happens. We need to remember how to be humble again. You have to change if you want to avoid things like fouls, injuries, and suspensions that can completely change the way a game goes.

We can’t keep saying things like, “We want to win this and that,” because that’s not true. We build things. To do well, you need to be disciplined both on and off the field. Whoever wants to keep things as they are and doesn’t want to get into a fight will choose to stay on the sidelines. We also need to put together a real team and find a real sense of community. The new coach will be in charge of making sure this goal is met. We want players who are not only ready to fight every day but also proud to play for PSG.

Luis Campos as new PSG sporting director

After hiring Luis Campos, this is what happened: “Luis Campos will focus on the first team.” But one of our goals is to find new people to work with and new markets to sell to. It is important that we look into other options. We need to find players who are proud to be in Paris, both for the club and for football in general.


Monaco and Lille are the two teams that Luis Campos has done the most to help win the championship. He shows others how hard work should be done by always putting in his best effort. But financial stability is very important. We would rather not have to pay more money. Take Messi as an example. Because of him, we’ve done a lot of great things on and off the field. It has already more than paid for itself after a little over a year.


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