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PSG is taking over the summer transfer window, and signs another defender Milan Skriniar from Inter

Luis Campos has put sending Milan Skriniar to Paris Saint-Germain at the top of his list of things to do this summer. And the Italian club is ready to let their player go.

Milan Skriniar

Inter Milan announces Milan Skriniar’s departure

Milan Skriniar has decided not to renew his contract with Inter Milan, which only has one year left. Paris Saint-Germain has been talking to the Italian club about getting a new central defender for a few weeks now. Giuseppe Marotta, the sporting director of the Italian club has made it clear that he was already planning for Milan Skriniar’s replacement, even though the news has made people in the capital more optimistic.


“It is much harder to replace an attacker than a defender because attackers are so few and cost so much compared to defenders. We’ll probably have to make changes in defence, but Ausilio, Inter’s manager, is already helping us come up with good alternatives in case one of our defenders leaves ” the former leader of Juventus Turin explained. Milan Skriniar, who is Luis Campos’s most important player during the summer, is on his way out of San Siro.

Milan Skriniar

The deal for Milan Skriniar is to be wrapped up before June 30

Inter turned down Paris Saint-first Germain’s offer of 50 million euros because they wanted at least 70 million euros more. Paris Saint-Germain would be willing to raise their offer to try to get as close as possible to Milan’s price for Milan Skriniar. On Monday, the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera said that Luis Campos could bring the defender to the team in the next few days. The transalpine sports daily has heard from a reliable source that the French champion wants to sign the player before June 30.

Il Mattino an Italian newspaper, on the other hand, says that the transfer could be settled for a total of up to 65 million euros. Inter Milan could also agree to sell him for sixty million euros before June 30. So, the club would be willing to give up Milan Skriniar as it did with Achraf Hakimi, who was sold to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017.

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