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Paul Pogba – ”I’ll let them know they made a mistake for letting me go”.

The French soccer player will put out a documentary on Amazon Prime about his talks with Manchester United. In the documentary, he talks about how tired he is of the club.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

Once Paul Pogba’s departure from Manchester United is finalized, it will only take a few days for the 29-year-old to announce that he will be going back to Juventus in Turin. A new documentary for Amazon Prime Video will tell the story of Pogba’s life. The documentary will be available to stream on Friday. In the documentary, Paul Pogba talks about the team he used to play for.

Pogba hasn’t kept quiet about United and the talks to renew his contract, which has caused him a lot of pain because of how he feels. The French international player has said that one of his main goals is to show Manchester United that they made a mistake by taking so long to offer him a contract.


“How is it possible for you to tell a player that you adore him while at the same time not offering him anything? “I have never seen that,” Paul Pogba reflects with some bafflement, who appears to be talking to the person who was his agent, Mino Raiola – who passed away in April of last year. The Italian representative is seen in the documentary as well, and he does not hold back when it comes to providing recommendations to his client.

Raiola isn’t sure that United is the best place for Pogba, but he says, “We should try to make you feel as good as when you’re playing for France.” “We should try to make you feel as good as when you’re with the French team.” “When you play for France, you are the real Pogba—the Pogba from Juventus, the Paul Pogba that everyone loves. But when you play for United, something gets in your way.”

Because of the strained relationship with Mourinho

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba seems to be making it abundantly clear that Mourinho was not his greatest supporter in relation to the problems he has been having with the English team. “he didn’t help me. “He did not show that he loved me,” continues the French player, who went through a significant setback due to an injury and did not feel supported by the Portuguese coach. “He did not show that he loved me.”


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