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”He’s not the Mbappe I know, we don’t want him at Real Madrid.” – Florentino Perez

Real Madrid’s president expressed his displeasure with the player’s decision to take a different path while also reiterating that no one is above the team.

Florentino Pérez

Florentino Pérez on Kylian Mbappe

In the early hours of Thursday, Florentino Pérez was a guest at El Chiringuito. Of course, he talked about Kylian Mbappé. He couldn’t have done anything else. The president of Real Madrid said that he was sorry about the decision to change course and that Mbappé has no place in his team because nobody is above a club in football.

The Real Madrid president explained what happened by saying, “We saw that it changed.” he said, “There’s no need to think about it; it’s a big deal that he didn’t want to do a sponsorship act with his teammates. That surprised me.” “There’s no need to think about it because it’s a fact that needs to be known,” Florentino said that football is a team sport where everyone plays on the same level. “It couldn’t be different for anyone,” Florentino said.


Fiorentino Perez also talked about Mbappe’s future with the club. He said, “There are a lot of things that go along with being asked to lead not just a team but also the club’s management.” He says, “This is not the Mbappé I wanted to bring. This is another Mbappé whose dream has had to change because of the pressure.” He doesn’t like how the football player looks in this version.

Mbappe changed his mind about Real Madrid due to pressure

Even though Florentino Pérez wasn’t happy with the striker, he knew that he’s very young, and he’s in a tough situation. “Pressure affects us all, but young people feel it more.” When the President of France calls him, of course, it will affect him. How could it not affect you?

Florentino Pérez

If the attacker’s dream has changed, then so has the president of Madrid’s dream. The president said, “Now I don’t dream of it, because this Mbappé is not my Mbappé.” I’m talking about Mbappé, who won’t go along with the rest of his team on a publicity stunt. Me saying I don’t feel love for him could have just been a slip of the tongue, but I think they have him confused.

Even so, he said, “He is very young, and I wish him the best, I have nothing against him, but I believed the dream, and so did he.” Some dreams don’t come true because of things outside of a person’s control, but he has been sure since he was a child that he will one day play for Real Madrid.

Lastly, he explained how he found out about the Frenchman’s decision. “He told me about it in a message, and I replied and wished him luck,” he said. Florentino, on the other hand, was no longer interested in him before he signed a new contract with PSG. He said, “At that time, I was no longer interested.” In the history of Real Madrid, there has never been one player who stands out more than the rest of the team. No matter how good or bad he is, it doesn’t matter because this is a team game and we’re all playing for each other. We won’t make any exceptions to this rule that could make it hard to run the group.

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