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Haaland and Darwin Nunez’s salary at Liverpool and Mancity

Darwin Nunez’s salary – The Uruguayan striker will reportedly make approximately 163,000 euros each week at Liverpool, as reported by the Times. The Norwegian will also receive something huge from Manchester City.

Darwin Nunez's salary

Darwin Nunez’s salary revealed

Darwin Nunez, who previously played for Almera and Benfica, joined Liverpool this week and immediately became the club’s most expensive signing in its entire history. After making 84 appearances for the Lisbon team and scoring 47 goals for them, the 22-year-old forward drew a lot of attention at Anfield. Klopp became aware of him much later, just before his team’s quarterfinal match against the Portuguese team in the Champions League. His analysts concentrated their attention primarily on Nez, who was the primary danger posed by the Eagles up until this summer.


Despite the fact that the Uruguayan could not save his own team from elimination, Jürgen Klopp became more interested in him as a result of his performances. For him, Liverpool could pay up to one hundred million euros, with seventy-five million going toward fixed costs and the remaining 25 million going toward variables. On Tuesday, it was revealed how much money the player who will take Sadio Mané’s place at Anfield will be making. The player’s hiring was announced on Monday.

Haaland’s salary revealed

Darwin Nez has signed a contract to remain with the English club until the summer of 2028, and his salary will be higher than that of Virgil van Dijk, who is considered to be one of the most important players for Liverpool. According to The Times, the Uruguayan will make close to 163,000 euros per week, which would translate to more than 650,000 euros per month and close to 8 million euros per year.

This figure is significantly lower than that of Haaland, for example, the other great signing of the Premier this summer. Haaland will earn 500,000 dollars per week, becoming the highest-paid footballer in the history of the English league. This makes him the highest-paid footballer in the history of the English league. This figure is significantly lower than that of Haaland.

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