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How Darwin Nunez almost gave up his football career cause of his problems

The Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez was close to giving up football several times because of torn ligaments which he had, he was also far from his hometown and got bad reviews on social media because of his performance.

Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez was about giving up

Despite the fact that the summer market has not yet officially begun, Darwin Nunez has become one of the names that are associated with it. The Uruguayan striker is currently Liverpool’s second most expensive signing in the club’s history (he will become the club’s most expensive signing if the variables that would raise his price to 100 million euros are fulfilled), but he has not had an easy road leading up to this point in his career.


At the age of 17, Darwin Nunez was on the verge of giving up football when, after working in the Pearol quarry for only a few months, he tore the cruciate ligament in his right knee. This injury, in conjunction with the difficulty of having been separated from his mother, was about to force him to go back to his hometown of Artigas. Finally, his coach José Perdomo was successful in persuading him to stay with the team.

Darwin Nunez

He was sidelined for close to a year, during which time he was unable to participate in the 2017 Under-20 World Cup. When he got back, he made his debut with the first team, but the pain did not go away, so he had to have another operation. And more doubts. And an increased yearning to go back to one’s own country and pursue a future different from that of the center forward.

Once more, he was convinced to carry on with it. He made a gradual transition back to his previous self and participated in the South American Under-20 Championship in 2019. Even though he was only 20 years old, the criticism that he received was horrible because he did not perform well. He found it particularly challenging to interact with people who had found him through social networks. And he had even more uncertainties in his mind.

The final tournament of the World Cup for Under-20 Competitors brought him recognition

His career truly got off the ground when he competed in the Under-20 World Cup in the same year. Darwin Nunez displayed his full potential by scoring two goals for Uruguay in the group stage before the team was eliminated in the round of 16. It was in October that he was given his first call-up with the senior team, and just five minutes after entering the field, he scored his first goal. The ‘new Cavani’ was a reality that could not be stopped.

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