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Toure, Ligue 2 defender chooses Premier League club Mancity over Marseille

Isaak Toure, a young Ligue 2 defender who was said to be deciding between Marseille and ManCity, is said to have made a decision about where he will play next season.


Toure has decided

Isaak Toure, who is 19 years old and plays for Ligue 2 club Le Havre, has been the subject of rumours about Marseille’s efforts to sign him for the past couple of weeks. The different sides such as Marseille and the English side Mancity have already started bargaining with each other, and the pace of these talks has picked up in the last few hours. French club Marseille wants to finish the deal with Le Havre as fast as they can to sign the player.


The player is said to have the perfect build to strengthen their defense and make up for the exit of one of their defender William Saliba from the club, who will be leaving soon. This won’t be that easy for Marseille as reports say that Issac Toure doesn’t want to play for any other team than the English club Manchester City.

Mancity to sign Toure and loan him out

Isaak Toure has gotten bids from various clubs around Europe including German club Wolfsburg, but it looks like he will join the Premier League club Mancity. In May, the central defender went to Manchester City’s training grounds in England as part of his efforts to join the English club. It’s clear that he was really interested in the club.

The daily said that the young defender was supposed to sign a contract with the English club before he could go on loan to Troyes, which is a brother club to Manchester city owned by the City Football Group also. So, the plan would be to let the young player improve his skills in France again before sending him to the Premier League.

No agreement has been made yet between City and Toure, yet OM already knows that it won’t be easy and would be hard to get Issac Toure’s focus off Manchester City. Because of this, the Marseillais are thinking about other ways to strengthen their defense at the same time. In the past few hours, Marseille is also eyeing another defender from Netherland club Vitesse who’s contract would end soon.

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