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West Ham challenges Lyon over signing of Brazilian striker

English club West Ham knocked Olympique Lyonnais out of the Europa League, and now they want to sign one of their strikers who is a Brazilian.

West Ham

West Ham’s idea of signing Tete could ruin the plans of Lyon

Tetê joined Olympique Lyonnais because FIFA opened a special transfer window in April 2022. This made it possible for players to move between clubs. The Brazilian winger who joined OL from Shakhtar Donetsk has agreed to stay with the club for the rest of the season. The striker, who is 22 and plays for Lyon, has done well in the short time he has worn the team’s colors.


He took part in nine Ligue 1 games, scoring two goals and setting up five others. The people in charge of Lyon want to keep this player because of what he can do. But the Ukrainian club, which won’t let go of its young striker until it gets a huge sum of money, was able to throw off the French club. Reports say that the transfer of Tete would cost at least 25 million euros which were set by Shakhtar Donetsk. A sum that is enough to bother Ligue 1 club Lyon, but not enough to bother West Ham.

West Ham has takes lead over Lyon

In the meantime, Olympique Lyonnais wants to talk about lowering this price, but West Ham decided to sign the player at that price to challenge and upset the French club. West Ham made it clear that the price set for Tete is okay and needed no negotiation.

What has made OL even angrier after they were shown how wrong they were in the 2021/22 Europa league The Hammers moved on to the semifinals of the Europa League by beating Lyon in the second leg of the Europa League quarterfinal at Groupama Stadium. The score was 3-0, and the London club won the game. Even though Lyon lost this game on the field, West Ham could still defeat them in the race to sign this player.

West Ham has another point to make, the player could join them and play against other clubs and competitions. West Ham finished seventh in their league, which got them into the next year’s European Cup. Lyon, on the other hand, didn’t get to play in Europe because they finished as number 8 on the Ligue one table.

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