Bad news for Lewandowski as Barcelona states their inability to sign him

Barcelona and Paris SG have been in fierce competition with one another over the signing of Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski over the past few weeks. Now, Barcelona has said a statement regarding Lewandowski, which may influence his transfer.


Robert Lewandowski is serious about terminating his contract with Bayern Munich

Things aren’t looking good between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski, who is their best striker. As he searches for a new club to play for, Lewandowski and Bayern Munich have received a lot of attention in the media this summer. On Monday Lewandowski shared his future objectives with the team.


In an interview with OnetSport, he stated, “Something has died in me. I want to move away from Bayern so that I can experience a wider range of emotions throughout my life. After that, he continued to elaborate on his standpoint. “I believe the best thing to do is find a solution that works for both parties, particularly if you’ve been at the club for a long time and have always been ready to play, even when you were hurt or in pain. In that case, finding a solution that works for both parties is the best thing to do. Also, you shouldn’t anticipate finding a solution that benefits just one of the parties involved.

It is very difficult to comprehend. Not after all these years, the polish striker responded. However, if the Polish international continues to pursue a transfer to Barcelona, the Spanish club might be forced to give up on him.

According to Barca, there is nothing they can do to help the Polish striker

The desire that Robert Lewandowski has expressed to move to Barcelona has caused him to get into another dispute with the leadership of Bayern Munich. Therefore, Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta needs to find a solution as soon as possible because Robert Lewandowski put a lot of pressure on him even while he still has a one-year contract at Bayern.

”We are not sure we could sign Robert Lewandowski this summer due to financial issues we have in our club, we are unable to recruit or sign any player during this summer”, stated Joan Laporte, President of Barcelona.


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