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Tuchel points to Andreas Christensen, says “He couldn’t play, this is not the first time”

Andreas Christensen – The center-back had hoped to play in the FA Cup final, but he was dropped from the squad and has missed ten games for the blues already.

Andreas Christensen will leave Chelsea on 30 June and, barring a surprise, will be heading to Barcelona. The Danish centre-back has committed to Barça and will sign a five-year contract with the club.

Andreas Christensen

However, his final season with the Blues is not the best. From March to now, he has only played in eight games. Instead, injuries and technical decisions made him miss 10 games for the club. The last time he was unavailable was in the FA Cup final against Liverpool.


The Telegraph reported that he would begin, but Andreas Christensen dropped out due to illness. Chelsea, on the other hand, did not provide them with a medical report. According to the Daily Mail, “his departure from the hotel puzzled and shocked his colleagues.”

Chelsea, and particularly Thomas Tuchel, suffered a defeat. “Andreas arrived early the morning of the match to inform me that he was not prepared. He has his reasons, which he keeps private,” said Tuchel.

The Chelsea coach, on the other hand, threw a “poison dart” at his player: “As you can see, this isn’t the first time. In recent weeks, the same situation has occurred. I’m not sure why, but it always makes me nervous.”

“We still support him,” Tuchel said, denying that Andreas Christensen had refused to play: “It wasn’t like that, there’s a big difference.” Andreas still wanted to play, and I still believe he could.”

Tuchel’s words also indicate he was about to begin: “We did everything we could to prepare for the game against Leeds. Andreas is an important player, and if you make it to the final, you want the best…but that wasn’t the case, and we accept it.”

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