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Arsenal Out of Champions League after Newcastle defeat

Arsenal’s Champions League race lost after their 2:0 loss to Newcastle

Arsenal Newcastle Defeat

Arsenal’s Newcastle Defeat: The Gunner’s performance in the last two days is difficult to explain. The odds were clear ahead of Thursday’s derby against Tottenham: Arteta’s team would qualify for the Champions League if they beat Spurs. This was even stated by the Spanish coach before the big game in London. Three consecutive victories boosted a team that had endured a lot to reach the fourth place and was now completely reliant on itself.


The gunners had little choice against Conte’s rivals. Spurs were superior, winning 3-0 thanks to the Son-Kane partnership. The picture was no longer encouraging, but despite the loss, the score was revealed: Arsenal was completely reliant on itself. The Gunners did it once more.

Arsenal’s Champions League options have been diluted like sugar in the last two days. Of course, losing to Tottenham is possible, but the defeat by Newcastle, which had nothing to play for (2:0), says a lot about the team’s internal mood, which relaxed at the worst possible time of the season.

Arsenal fell to fifth place after White’s own goals and Bruno Guimares’ own goals in the 85th minute, and they now rely on Tottenham to qualify for the Champions League. Tottenham should have won, but they lost… to Norwich, who were relegated just a few days ago.

Arsenal has been eliminated from the Champions League at the last minute.

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