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Mbappe transfer news – Mbappé to Real Madrid deal

Mbappe Transfer News

Mbappe Transfer NewsMbappe was spotted last Monday in Madrid with his partner Ashraf Hakimi, but the PSG star was not eating with the Moroccan but with emissaries from Real Madrid.
On the other hand, Real Madrid has already begun the printing of T-shirts with the name of the Bondy striker.

Mbappe Transfer News

Mbappé transfer news – The Real Madrid-Kylian Mbappe soap opera experienced a new chapter last Monday when the Paris Saint-Germain star was spotted with his partner Ashraf Hakimi a former Real Madrid player at on of the capital’s renowned restaurant. However, the Moroccan international was entering and leaving the restaurant, but Mbappe remained. And there, according to eyewitnesses, the Frenchman ate with several representatives of Real Madrid.


He ate with representatives from Real Madrid

Later, a dinner with several of his PSG teammates, including Sergio Ramos, was posted on social media. However, during the meal, there were only a few photos with Ashraf and his brother, but not at the dinning table. Mbappe did not eat with his partner, but with the representatives of Real Madrid.

20,000 T-shirts with his name are ready

On the other hand, Real Madrid is already preparing for the official signing of Mbappe(Mbappé transfer news). One of them is that it has already began the printing of t-shirts with the name of the french striker Kylian Mbappe. The Spanish Club Real Madrid’s prediction is that on the same day it can formalize or make the contract with the french striker official, and on that day they will be able to sell around 20,000 shirts, given the fever the French striker has unleashed.

Meanwhile, Nasser Al-Khelaifi remains convinced of Mbappé’s succession in Paris. At least that’s what he said at the ECA meeting in Madrid, where the PSG president and head of the European Club Association assured his colleagues, including Gil Marin, that his star would continue on his next course.

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